Feast Over Fire

At Nomadic we have curated an experience that aims to provide you with a menu that celebrates the seasons; creating an assault on the senses, using the humblest of ingredients and cooked using the most ancient of methods.

14th May - 17th September 2022


Fungi, Forage & Feast with Nomadic.

Join us this Autumn for a guided tour of our hidden woodland & discover a dazzling array of mushroom varieties. From the delicious maitake to the brightly coloured amethyst deceiver to the deadly death cap we will explore some of the incredible species of mushroom that grow all around us & learn why fungi play such a huge part in folklore, medicine and food.

15th - 29th Oct 2022


Kitchen on the Edge of the World

Is an extraordinary culinary adventure set above the Arctic Circle. Whilst this long weekend offers many things to divert and enrich you, our promise is that you will leave having been fed with the finest ingredients caught, picked and gathered from the abundant natural larder that surrounds us through the seasons.


Nomadic. Gift Vouchers

This festive season gift your loved ones an edible experience like no other. Our Feast Over Fire is our signature experience, the perfect voucher for couples and friends looking for a unique way to reconnect with the natural world in awe-inspiring surroundings.


About Us

Our aim is to use food and nature to reconnect our guests with the world around them. Our restaurant without walls has no boundaries other than the stars and the sky. Food is a universal language and through it, we aim to tell the story of our woodland through the dishes we serve you.

We began hosting our feasts in May 2018 as a natural alternative to the formulaic dining experience. We wanted to create something unique which our diners could relate to and feel part of. We found a vast clearing in our forest once filled with abandoned cars and located a craftsman to forge a huge table out of a fallen tree which our friends and family dined around. We invited a local chef who was also a passionate forager. He scoured the land for wild ingredients such as mustard garlic, wood sorrel and gorse and gathered fallen wood to cook over. Gazing up at the trees as the sun began to set and feeling a part of nature we each agreed was a magical experience.

Since then we have grown but our ethos has remained the same. We have been privileged to work alongside Master Chef Champions, Celebrated Food Writers & Award-Winning Executive Chefs from some of London’s top restaurants. We have welcomed members of the Royal Family, World Cup Winners and catered for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But we still have a long way to go.

Nomadic is more than a restaurant without walls or boundaries. It is a new way of dining. One which embraces nature that we are each part of. One which explores our profound connection with the world around us and most importantly with each other.

About Our Feasts Over Fire

“So amazing and in a setting so beautiful it was like a dream.” – Felicity Spector

Come join us for an outdoor dining immersion in a remarkable woodland setting in Buckinghamshire within an hours commuting distance of London.

Both the exact location of the dinner and the menu is kept a secret.

Our menu changes according to the season based on the available produce we have growing on-site as well as the chef we have cooking.

Come dine with us in an ancient forest clearing on a giant table carved out of a fallen birch tree surrounded by wild flora and fauna and roaming animals such as wild deer, rabbits and badgers.

Your experience begins in the middle of our woodland where you are greeted by your host as well as our executive chef.

Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome drink crafted using some of the wild botanicals that grow on the land. This is followed by a guided tour of the estate by our resident forager where you will first visit our vegetable patch to pick out some of the seasonal ingredients that we grow on-site for your meal before venturing further afield to gather other wild ingredients which grow in abundance. We will then use the branches and dead wood from the surrounding trees to cook your meal on an open flame in the middle of the woods. Your meal concludes with a fresh herbal tea picked from our herb patch.

About Partner Experiences

“I just dont want to look back and think I could have eaten that”

We have carefully curated a selection of edible experiences inspired by nature both here in the UK and from around the world. Master the art of fermentation in the comfort of your own home, take a private cooking lesson with a celebrity chef overlooking the Galilee, forage for fungi in ancient forests, search for edible seaweed on the southernmost tip of Africa & dine above the arctic circle.

About Private Bookings

“Nomadic created an exceptional & unforgettable evening for our clients” – Leading Hotels of The World

In addition to our public events, we also offer private dining for groups looking to celebrate special occasions such as weddings, anniversary’s, hen do’s, engagements, birthdays, bar mitzvahs & corporate away days and can tailor a bespoke menu package with one of our world-class chefs based on your exacting needs. In addition, we can provide live music, a wild cocktail bar with a bespoke menu curated by our resident mixologist using the botanicals we have growing around the site and even live fireworks if required.