Nomadic. create exceptional edible experiences immersed in nature.

About Us

We began hosting our woodland feasts in May 2018 as a natural alternative to the formulaic dining experience. We found an abandoned clearing in the forest and located a craftsman to create a huge table out of a fallen tree which our friends and family dined around and invited a local chef who scoured the land for wild  ingredients and gathered fallen wood to cook over. Gazing up at our woodland surroundings and feeling a part of nature we each agreed was a magical experience.

Our aim as a business is to use food and nature to reconnect our guests with the world around them. Our restaurant without walls has no boundaries. Food is a universal language and through it, we aim to tell the story of our woodland through the dishes we serve you.

To date Nomadic. have been privileged to work alongside leading professionals across the hospitality industry ranging from Master Chef Champions, Celebrated Writers & Award-Winning Executive Chefs from some of London’s top restaurants. We have welcomed some of the worlds most loved luxury brands, World Cup winners, members of the Royal family and some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to experience our feast over fire.

Woodland Feasts

 Guests forage for wild ingredients then dine in a stunning woodland glade around a large table carved out of a birch tree surrounded by ancient forestry, wild flora and fauna and roaming animals such as wild deer, rabbits and badgers whilst their meal is cooked on an open fire.

Private Bookings

In addition to our woodland feasts, we also offer private bookings for groups and companies looking to celebrate special occasions and can tailor a bespoke menu package with one of our world-class chefs based on your exacting needs.​