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Introducing the Nomadic. Collection.
An exclusive selection of carefully curated bespoke dining experiences inspired by, and immersed in nature from UK and around the world. Since launching our hidden woodland foraged feasts in 2018, we have sought to collaborate with like minded foodies and creatives. People and businesses whose ethos of connecting people through food and nature is aligned with our own. The Collection was inspired from our own experience as business owners with a sustainable mindset and from a desire to connect with a community of like minded people and businesses who share our beliefs in order to promote the incredible experiences they have to offer. Each member of the Collection has been handpicked because they offer undeniably unique and unparalleled experiences, many of which operate in some of the world’s most awe inspiring locations. Each shares the same passion to create indelible memories for each guest that we have. Each understand that simplicity is the ultimate luxury.
Forage for edible seaweed at sunset in the southern tip of Africa. Venture to the edge of the world and dine out around the arctic circle. Learn how to cook over open fire in some of the UKs most ancient woodlands with michelin star chefs or roam ancient forests with a leading mycologist in search of fungi. We’ve got you covered.

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