What we don’t offer.

We’re not a restaurant, at least, not in the traditional sense. We offer an authentic back to nature experience with the great food that a restaurant would serve but without the formality of four walls. This means you will probably get muddy feet and occasionally get rained on (although we do have plenty of rain cover).

So if you’re looking for a formulaic office party we’re probably not for you.

What we do offer.

Each event brings with it an opportunity for members of your team to draw inspiration from their surroundings and rediscover their creativity. Team building & away days at Nomadic. are about getting away from the everyday stress of city life to enjoy the serenity, surroundings, and sumptuous food that we offer within close commuting distance of London. Our events take place in an unspoiled and awe-inspiring environment that opens up for creative meetings.

How We Work

Each event begins with a conversation where we outline your objectives so we can establish which of our packages is right for you. Our aim is always to exceed expectations working within the scope of what is required. No request is too unusual. Company branded cocktails, alphorn players, outdoor cinema, fire eaters. You name it.