Fungi, Forage & Feast

Fungi Forage & Feast, UK


September – November (subject to life cycle of fungi)


Hidden Woodland, HP8

Group Size

6 – 8 people


From £150pp

Explore nature with world renowned funghi forager and best selling author Geoff Dan. Join him on a guided tour in our woodland and learn how to identify and discover different mushroom varieties. Savour your harvest surrounded by stunning scenery and roaming wildlife and enjoy a fresh meal cooked over open fire. Each guest will receive a signed copy of Geoffs book – Edible Mushrooms

Each experience typically lasts around 4 hours.

Why the Collection?

As well as being cool to look at fungi are responsible for life on land as we know it. Without fungi our entire ecosystem would not exist. These organisms aid in decomposition and recycling of almost all naturally occurring organic compounds that are known. And many of them are delicious.