Herbs & Wild

Fermentation & Sourdough Workshops, UK


Year-round, subject to availability


Group Size

Up to 10 people


From £75pp

Have your kitchen plans gone a-rye? Are you in knead of some assistance?

Nomadics resident chef Herbs & Wild will take you through the art of baking real bread with her 4 hour sourdough workshop using a few essentials.

Alternatively, if baking isn’t your bag you can master the art of fermentation in an interactive 4-hour class where Hannah will demonstrate simple gut-healthy techniques including kombucha (our personal favourite), lactofermented vegetables, apple cider vinegar and kefir plus your own jar of sauerkraut and a recipe book to take with you.

Hannahs group workshops are hosted in Gambledown Farm, Hampshire. Alternatively if you live in London or South West she can travel to your home* (if you’re unwilling to rise).


Why the Collection?

Not only is Hannah awesome (she’s our resident chef), smart and super talented she is also a huge advocate of the zero waste movement. Most of the stuff you read about fermentation focuses on why it’s good for your health (and it is), but it’s also great for our planet in helping to reduce the amount of food waste we produce.