Skye Bothy with Ruaridh Emslie

Skye Bothy sponsored by Drambuie, UK


Year-round, subject to availability


Hidden Woodland, UK, HP8

Group Size

Up to 12 people


From £150pp (includes cocktails and camping)

Join Ruaridh in our hidden woodland close to London as he takes you on a culinary journey inspired by the sites, sounds, smells & tastes of his native Scotland. Forage for wild ingredients and stoke the fires before nestling inside his roaming bothy in the middle of a secret clearing for an evening of festivity and feasting paired with Drambuie inspired cocktails crafted by one of the UKs best mixologists. At the end of the meal camp out under the stars in your own tent (or not if you feel adventurous) and enjoy a breakfast cooked over fire the following day.

Why Collection?

Whats a bothy you may ask? Some view a bothy as a temple, a secret shelter from the madness that exists in the world around us. Many Scots maintain that a bothy is sacrosanct and information about what it is, where it exists and what its used for should be kept strictly confidential. Other Scots like chef Ruaridh softened by his years living alongside those south of the border have taken it upon themselves to divulge his fellow countrymens best kept secret and we intend to find out.